IQ 3SECS Review: High-Tech meets High-Style in this E-cigarette

IQ 3SECS Review Bottom Line

The IQ 3SECS doesn’t look like other e-cigarettes. The IQ 3SECS doesn’t have the minimalist features of other e-cigarettes. However, the IQ 3SECS performs as well as the best e-cigarettes. Don’t let the out of the ordinary design fool you, this is an e-cig that performs at the highest level with a technological elan that other e-cigs lack. If you like open pod systems and high-tech devices then there’s a good chance you’ll like the IQ 3SECS.

IQ 3SECS Background

The IQ 3SECS is a sleek, open pod system e-cigarette that’s sure to dazzle the vaping tech-heads. It has features that even the Best E-cigs lack, like a cool TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display. 3SECS means 3rd Generation Specialized E-Cig System and while I’m usually wary of marketing jargon, I have to admit that this e-cig is pretty specialized.

It has a unique design more akin to a dry herb vape than an e-cig. However, it is definitely an e-cig, one designed for use with nicotine salts like the Element series. Of course, you might be wondering if all this tech and head-turning design makes for a better e-cig, keep reading my IQ 3SECS review to find out.


  • IQ 3SECS e-cigarette
  • 1 5mL needle nose refill bottle
  • USB cable

IQL-R: IQ 3SECS package, IQ 3SECS e-cigarette, needle nose bottle, USB cable.

Key Features of the IQ 3SECS

  • Compatible w/ nicotine salts
  • Clear TFT display shows battery life and remaining puffs
  • Draw activated
  • Streamlined, portable design
  • Pass through charging is available

The IQ 3SECS has a clear, easy to understand TFT display.

IQ 3SECS Design

The IQ 3SECS has a stylish, high end design that is atypical for an e-cig and looks a little like a dry herb vaporizer at first glance. The design doesn’t just look good—it feels good too. The ergonomic design feels comfortable whether you’re holding it or vaping from it. It’s also pretty functional, the magnetically attached mouthpiece feels secure and is easy to remove and reattach.

The IQ is about the same length as most e-cigarettes though it is much wider. However, the slim profile makes it just as portable as any other e-cig. The TFT display is clear but subtle. It’s activated by inhaling from the IQ or by tapping its base. It shows you the battery level and the number of puffs remaining, this is a more easily comprehensible display than the blinking battery power lights on regular e-cigarettes.

The needle nose bottle makes refilling the pod a very simple process, though you need to transfer the nic salts to the bottle first. Despite the unique design, the IQ 3SECS is a very intuitive device that is as easy to use as any e-cigarette.

The IQ 3SECS has a slim profile that makes it very portable.

How to Use the IQ 3SECS

  1. Detach the mouthpiece from the rest of the device and remove the stopper covering the pod refill hole.
  2. Use the needle nose bottle to fill the pod.
  3. Replace the stopper and reattach the mouthpiece to the IQ.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece to begin vaping.

The IQ 3SECS’ pod is easily refilled using the included needle nose bottle.

IQ 3SECS Performance and Vapor Quality

If you’ve already made the conversion from regular e-liquids to nicotine salts, then you’ll love the IQ. It brings out their full flavor while providing the strong nicotine buzz and smooth drags nic salt users love.

If you’re an e-cig user who has never tried nic salts before then the IQ is a good place to start. The low-draw resistance makes for comfortable vaping and works with both mouth-to-lung or direct draw inhalation methods. The 400 mAh battery is larger than average for e-cigarettes and can last for a full day of vaping before needing a recharge.

The magnetically attached mouthpiece (R) of the IQ 3SECS has a low draw resistance that provides a pleasant vaping experience.

IQ 3SECS vs Similar Vapes

IQ 3SECS vs KandyPens Feather

The KandyPens Feather is also an open pod e-cig that specializes in nic salts. It’s small and simple to use with a similarly powerful 380 mAh battery. They’re closely matched but the IQ is the more advanced device.

IQ 3SECS vs Perl

The Perl is a stylish open pod e-cig that is a match for the IQ in terms of technology and beats it (and most e-cigs) when it comes to battery life, with a huge 1150 mAh capacity. It also beats the IQ when it comes to price as the Perl is more expensive.

IQ 3SECS Review: Conclusion

The IQ 3SECS is a great e-cig for anyone who likes to use open pod systems and enjoys nicotine salts. It is an elegant, unique, technologically advanced device that gives you the freedom to use any type of nic salt you want.

It is also very easy to use because of the instinctual operation and simple refill process. The sleek look and feel of the IQ, plus its high-tech flair, means that it should appeal to the tech-loving vapers out there, whether they’re newbies or veterans.

Thanks for reading my IQ 3SECS review, this device can put up a challenge to the Best E-cigs out there.


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