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The best part about the V2 Cigs company is that they hands down have the best electronic cigarette starter kits that you can get. They have the best cheap starter kit, the express kit for $30 all the way up to the best kit on the market that has everything that you would ever need for vaping, the Ulimate kit. It does not matter if you have a budget of a mere $20 or an impressive $200, V2 Cigs more than likely has a product that you will love.

V2 is now rated as the top electronic cigarette company for 2013.


Alexa.com has the statistics and you can see for yourself that buying the V2 is a smart decision! When V2 Cigs first started out, the company had a few hiccups. The website needed a little improvement and they had a few issues with supply but they have since been resolved. As with any company it is a process of trial and error and everything is now running smoothly!
The biggest companies aren’t always the best. Sometimes the smaller companies that focus on putting out a high quality product instead of a large quantity of product end up leading the market.
V2 chooses to spend their money on making a great quality product instead of wasting dollars on marketing. They want to make a product so great that once you try it, you will never want to use anything else.

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V2 Is About Quality Over Quantity
V2 chooses to focus it’s attention and resources on putting out a high quality product. They are always striving for ways to improve and provide you with a better product. Unlike V2, some of the competitors products are still using technology from 4 years ago. V2 is always striving to be better, and makes sure the customer is getting a great product at a great price.
V2 Is Easy
Most people buying electronic cigarettes are using them for the first time. Since they are so different from regular cigarettes, it is important to design a product that is user friendly. V2 has done just this. V2 cigarettes are easy to use, have simple, easy to understand instructions, and make sure to inform you of the safety precautions. Since this product does work off technology, it is important to note that V2 also has an excellent customer service department. From reviews, it is easy to see that many competitors are severely lacking in this field.
V2 Has Lots of Options
V2 thought of everything when it came to designing an e-cig. You can completely customize you electronic cigarette to your personal preference. One of the options available is size: the user can pick from Long (140mm), Standard (110mm), and Shorty (100mm). You can also pick the type of battery you want, either manual or automatic. Both have pros and cons. Some people prefer automatic because it is easy and you don’t have to do anything. Others prefer the manual because even though you are required to push a button, many say you get more vapor that way. V2 batteries are inexpensive ranging from $20 to $30 depending on the size.
What Makes V2 The Best
V2’s overall quality is apparent as soon as you get a chance to use it. As mentioned, they are made with top quality products and the most current technology available. V2 also thought of everything when it comes to options. The user can pick the color, size, flavor, and strength. This gives them an electronic cigarette experienced tailored to exactly what they want. V2 ships through UPS so the customer knows that their product is travelling quickly and from a reliable carrier.
V2 cigs starter kits make finding the perfect cigarette easy. With all of the different options, you can go as basic or as fancy as you please. The best thing is that later on down the road you can purchase extra or replacement parts for a low cost. Some companies sell bulk parts that are just thrown in a box and shipped from out of the country. With V2, you know you are getting a top quality product, from a company that cares about giving the best to it’s customers.
V2 Starter Kits range from $29.95 to $189.95 depending on your needs. All kits contain the essentials that you need to get started. As the kits go up in price, they include more accessories.
V2 Cigs also offers an Express Kit for the low cost of only $25.98! For the low price, you get a high quality kit that has everything you need to get going with electronic cigarette kits. The kit comes with the basics, one charger, battery, and flavor cartridge. All you have to do is order the flavor cartridge refills as you need them. It is recommended to order an extra 5 pack so that you aren’t waiting for more when your first one runs out.
The V2 Economy Kit is also a great deal. For $59.95, this kit will give you everything you need to get started. It includes 10 flavor cartridges, a battery, and a wall and USB charger. Although the price is average, the quality is much better than the competition’s similar packages.
The V2 Notebook E-Cig is a good deal, but is not the most convenient. While it is priced well at only 29.95, it does not include a regular battery like the other starter kits. The V2 Notebook E-cig is powered only by USB so it must be plugged into your computer at all times. I have done this on occasion, but it is not realistic to do everytime you want to use it!
The Ultimate Kit by V2 really tops the charts. It comes with everything and then some! You get 3 batteries (you pick the size and type), 5 packs of flavor cartridges (also your choice), a carrying case and a charging case, and a car adapter and regular V2 charging kit. It also comes with a V2 Power Cig which is powered by USB only. This is a great kit for a great value and give you a little bit of everything!
V2 Battery
The V2 Battery stands alone when compared to the competitors. Unlike others, it has a matte finish and a classy look. This makes it easy to grip and pleasing to the eye. Some competitors have a shiny finish making the cigarette slippery. V2 cigarettes also offer a better battery life than the competitors. For people on the go, battery life is very important. Not only does V2 offer a longer battery life, (even for the mini batteries!) than most other cigarettes, you have several options for charging it. V2 quality and current technology make this electronic cigarette a great investment.
V2 Cartridges
While V2 Cigs don’t have the most flavors in the industry, they have worked hard to develop flavors that taste great and mimic the great tastes regular cigarette users are accustomed to. Here is a list of the flavors, following this will be my opinions of them.
There are 3 categories of V2 flavors: Rich Tobacco, Cool Menthol, and Specialty. We will start with Rich Tobacco: those flavors are Sahara, V2 Red, and Congress. Cool Menthol includes: Peppermint, Cool Menthol, and Menthol. Specialty includes: Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla, and V2 Cola. I personally enjoyed the Peppermint and Vanilla. The V2 Cola was a good flavor to compared to other brands Cola flavors. Even though it is a smaller list than some brands, there isn’t much you could need besides what is offered by V2.
Luckily, V2 cartridges are only $1.69 so trying out different flavors is affordable! If you want to get lots of flavors at once, they offer bulk packs. A $100 pack is $225, an 80 pack is $129.95, a 40 pack is $66.47, a 20 pack is $44.95, and a 12 pack is $12.95. There is also a special edition flavor, Passion Fruit, available in a 5 pack for $9.95.
V2 Cigarettes were created by a team of ex-smokers who wanted to provide an inexpensive and high quality alternative cigarette. They wanted to give people a healthier option compared to regular cigarettes. Not only did they accomplish that, they were able to price it so that it is affordable for the everyday consumer. They really thought of everything when they made V2. They made so many options so each electronic cigarette can be completely customized for the user. Different colors and carrying cases allow you to add your own personal flair to it. The different sizes and strengths also help to make the cigarette just what the consumer wants. The flavors are so much fun and you can never get bored with all of the great options.
Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular as people become more educated on the risks from traditional cigarettes. V2 only puts off vapor, and contains no harmful chemicals or carcinogens that can be dangerous for you and those around you. Since there is no actual smoke, there is no fire risk like there is with regular cigarettes. You are also free to smoke in places that normally don’t allow cigarettes since there is no harmful smoke being put off.
V2’s products are designed and tested in house and go through rigorous testing to make sure they are up to standards.
V2 also comes at a great price for what you are getting, and don’t forget your coupon code EVAPE20! With all of the special packages that V2 offers, everyone is guaranteed to find one that fits their needs just right.
Customer Service is one important area that is often overlooked. Since electronic cigarettes do deal with technology, it is important to have a good customer support line in case you have questions. V2 has great customer service compared to the other competitors so you are always guaranteed to get quick help.
V2 has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you don’t need to worry about trying it out! It also has a LIFETIME warranty on all electronic parts. You won’t find a better deal than this!

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