Do electronic cigarettes work?

The big question for many smokers is if electronic cigarettes really function as effectively as traditional cigarettes. This is because there has been no serious and conclusive study examining the effectiveness of e-cigs in terms of helping smokers to quit smoking. The few studies that have been carried out have concluded that electronic cigarettes in deed do deliver nicotine thus they can be used as a suitable substitute by smokers.

Findings on their effectiveness to deliver nicotine indicate that e-cigs deliver nicotine more quickly and effectively compared to nicotine inhalers and traditional cigarettes.

The findings also indicate that even if electronic cigarettes do deliver nicotine faster, they do so in smaller doses of nicotine compared to tobacco cigarettes which is indeed effectively in terms of reducing cravings. It is therefore accurate to conclude that electronic cigarettes work in terms of them being healthier and also helping smokers gradually fight the habit of smoking. Most smokers have not yet tried electronic cigarettes however those who have claim that e-cigs reduce the urge to smoke gradually. This effect can be attributed to nicotine absorption. In fact, e-cigs that have no nicotine in them also produced this effect which is controversial however it can be attributed to smoking psychology.

do electronic cigarettes work
Pros of electronic cigarettes

The question; ”do electronic cigarettes work?” can be answered by the arguments and truths of harm reduction which are tied around the notion that e-cigs provide a safer alternative by preventing smoking cessations. E-cigs are also popular among non-smokers and young people thus they are slowly becoming cooler than smoking actual cigarettes. In actual sense using e-cigarettes does not necessarily act as a smoking cessation form. Instead, it acts as a nicotine replacement agent in the long-run which eliminates the need to smoke regular cigarettes.

It is important to note that there is no concrete evidence that exists that there are non-smokers using e-cigs and the popularity of electronic cigarettes has risen among this group. It is however accurate to conclude that the cigarettes offer a healthier and cooler way to smoke socially. There is a popular argument regarding vapor e-cigs that it isn’t possible or accurate to compare non-combustible tobacco products with those that are combustible by using machines to measure things such as vapor and smoke. This is because in electronic cigarettes, there is actually no tobacco that is lit therefore we can conclude that electronic cigarettes have no combustion.

Apart from being healthy, e-cigs are also designed to work / look like traditional cigarettes thus they act as perfect replacements. In fact, not many people, even non-smokers will notice that you are smoking an e-cig if they are not very attentive. The e-cigs designs make them look like classy sophisticated and expensive brands therefore acting as suitable replacements. You therefore do not have to worry about e-cigs looking ugly and not working in a social setting. The design of e-cigs is solely based on replicating smoking tobacco thus they look and feel as real as possible.

Cons of e-cigs


There is the argument that tobacco companies can’t be trusted to produce a suitable healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes that is safer. In the recent past many tobacco companies have introduced into the market products that they claimed were healthier. These claims however have come out to be false. It is for this reason that many smokers wonder if e-cigs might pose some hidden dangers.

It is however important to note that e-cigs are not manufactured by tobacco companies. This may be true according to recent surveys however with the recent popularity of electronic cigarettes, things may have changed. We can thus not be sure that e-cigs are completely healthy as claimed by the companies that manufacture them.

In conclusion, the question: ”do electronic cigarettes work? ” can be answered with a confident yes. So far e-cigs have proven to be less harmful to smokers as opposed to traditional smokers. Although e-cigs popularity may not be that much, studies have shown that the demand is slowly rising especially in the social scene. E-cigs are beginning to be accepted by smokers as a healthier alternative because they have similar effects. Researchers have also concluded that e-cigs are better because they eliminate tobacco effects by incorporating fewer ingredients.

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