Envii FITT eCig Preview

Envii FITT eCig in depth Review Envii’s FITT e-cigarette is one of the first device to feature dual mode activation that allows you to use both an activated firing system as well as a firing button. Designed to be hard-wearing and shock-resistant, the FITT features ultra compact and sleek look with a rounded edges for […]


Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Preview

Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit Review Bottom Line The Kanger K-PIN Mini Kit is aiming to be the perfect transitional step between the simplicity of e-cigarettes and the power and flexibility of vape mods. That’s a tall order but the vape mod specialists at Kanger are the ones to try it. We’ll find out how they […]


Philip Morris IQOS e-cig Review

IQOS Review Bottom Line Our review on the Philip Morris iQOS details the first vaporizer to come so close to simulating smoking cigarettes. It has a compact, rich design that is easy to carry around and fun to use. It comes with HEETs or HeatSticks which are special tobacco inserts that simulate a cigarette. It […]


Apollo E Cigar Review

Apollo E Cigar Review Bottom Line Apollo E Cigar can give you 1500 puffs, smooth Cuban tobacco flavor, and a huge 1300maH battery that help put this on our list of best e-cigars. Keep in mind, that you can’t recharge this device nor refill it or reuse it. But if you’re looking for a disposable […]


Suorin iShare Ultra Review – Starter Kit w/ Power Bank

Suorin iShare Ultra Review: Bottom Line Two Pod Systems in one kit? No problem. The Suorin iShare Ultra Starter Kit has two Pod Systems sticks that you can swap anytime. This includes a 1400mAh power to charge the extra kit while using the other one for a longer vaping time. Each pod system has a […]


Smok FIT Review – Portable All in One Starter Kit

Smok FIT Review: Bottom Line The Smok Fit Starter Kit is one of the best choices for a portable and sleek looking vaping device. It has a very slim design that is perfect for on-the-go users, It will fit into any size of pockets a good device for Stealth Vaping. It is very easy to […]


IQ 3SECS Review: High-Tech meets High-Style in this E-cigarette

IQ 3SECS Review Bottom Line The IQ 3SECS doesn’t look like other e-cigarettes. The IQ 3SECS doesn’t have the minimalist features of other e-cigarettes. However, the IQ 3SECS performs as well as the best e-cigarettes. Don’t let the out of the ordinary design fool you, this is an e-cig that performs at the highest level […]


Vaping and Teens: Crisis or Hysteria?

One of the big vaping stories recently is about the prevalence of vaping in high schools by teenagers. Many people already believe that vaping is bad for you and some are calling it a crisis, even going so far as to suggest government intervention. Is that necessary and is there even a real crisis or is it just […]


MONQ Review: Will This Essential Oil Diffuser Provide the Stress Relief You Need?

MONQ Background The MONQ ($20 from Vape-Smart or Amazon, use coupon code TVG10 at Vape-Smart to save 10%) is an essential oil diffuser that can provide personalized aromatherapy to anyone who uses it. It’s not really a vaporizer, even though it uses similar technology. It doesn’t contain any nicotine, cannabis, or tobacco, just plant-derived oils. There are 11 different blends, each […]


Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review Bottom Line The Pulsar APX is a versatile vaporizer that gives you the ability to vape both dry herb and wax concentrates with ease. With just 4 inches tall and inexpensive price tag, the APX is one of the most compact yet gives good vapor quality and production vaporizer in its […]