Vapor Cigarettes

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Vapor Cigarettes

There is a new trend in smoking and it is the latest craze for people all over the world. Electronic cigarettes or e-cig has been hitting shops and increasing in popularity starting from the time it debut back in 2007. It is suitable for all people in both long-term and light smokers, it is the best alternative for social smokers while socializing, and it is the perfect alternative for smoking therapies.

What is Vapor Cigarettes?

Vapor cigarettes or e-cigarette is the best alternative for cigarette users to tobacco. It is a device that mimics the feel and look of smoking by producing vapor from liquid flavoring and nicotine. It is consist of 3 main parts. The battery powers the device, an atomizer that produce vapor, and the cartridge/tank which is filled with liquid. A cartomizer/clearomizer is a combination of atomizer and cartridge/tank.

Types of Vapor Cigarettes

rebelkitDisposable – these type of e-cigs are discreet and compact. They are designed to look like traditional cigarettes. It has a small battery with low battery life. It uses a prefilled cartridge that s disposed when the liquid is empty. Extra cartridges can be purchased which are specific toe each designs.

Refillable – these type of e-cigs are more economical that produced more vapor and has longer battery life. You can purchase refillable e-liquids with different flavors from different suppliers. It has a larger eGo battery which last longer and less charging time.

Variable voltage/rebuild able – these type of e-cig can deliver maximum performance and produce high quality vapor. It is more expensive than other e-cigs but it offers a lot of advance features. Users can modify and replace vapor systems. These types of e-cigs are for experience e-cig users with better understanding and technical knowledge of the device.

The technology of e-cigs had evolve in a rapid phase – there are more vapor cigarettes products to choose from. Different devices are produced every day that offers more features suitable for everyone. That is why choosing the right e-cig may be tricky and your personal preference will be needed.

There are a lot of e-cig in the market today. They vary with different designs, features, and prices. Your personal preference will be a big factor in choosing the right e-cig for you. There are also additional things you need to consider in choosing the right e-cig.

Vapor Quality

  • The e-cigs’ vapor system and battery power is essential in producing the right amount and quality vapor which determines how well it feel, taste, and look like in smoking tobacco.
  • Disposable e-cig – produced low-medium quality vapor. Uses customizer and a small battery.
  • Refillable vapor cigarettes – produced medium-high quality vapor. Uses cartomizer/clearomizer and an eGo manual battery.
  • Variable voltage/rebuild able e-cig – produce very high quality vapor. Uses advance vapor system and a high voltage battery.

Ease of Use

The e-cigs’ performance goes hand-in-hand with the device’s simplicity. The easiest way is to use automatic battery with prefilled cartridges. Refillable devices are more economical and produce a much better performance, but you will need to have basic knowledge in how to refill and maintain your device.

  • Disposable e-cig – just put on the cartridge and activate the vapor cigarettes.
  • Refillable e-cig – refill by opening the clearomizer and put your choice of flavored liquid.
  • Variable voltage/rebuild able e-cig – this is for experience e-cig users with better understanding and technical knowledge of the inner workings of the device.

Refill and Delivery System

Each e-cig has different type of vapor system that can produce quality vapor.

Disposable e-cig – it is ready to use and not refillable. It has limited vapor production.

Refillable e-cig – it is refillable and easy to use. Produce good vapor.

Variable voltage/rebuild able e-cig – more complicated with assembly and fill. Produce good and large capacity vapor.

Battery Life

The battery of an e-cig is majority of its size. A bigger e-cig is equipped with a larger battery which last longer. Smaller e-cigs is equipped with smaller batteries which are easier to carry but has low battery life.

Disposable vapor cigarettes automatic battery. Small size battery. 2-3 hours of usage


The appearance and style of an e-cig are very important factors. There are different kinds of e-cig design that goes from Tobacco replicas to a more advance designs.

Disposable e-cig – looks like a traditional cigarette with a glowing tip.

Refillable e-cig – it has a sleek and compact appearance with different kinds of designs and colors.

Variable voltage/rebuild able vapor cigarettes – it is available in different shapes and sizes from a box to a light saber.

Benefits of Using Vapor Cigarettes

  •     The perfect alternative in smoking tobacco
  •     Perfect for smoking therapies
  •     Available online and various stores
  •     Offers different kinds of liquid flavors
  •     Legal in public use
  •     Healthier than tobacco
  •     Much more affordable
  •     No second hand smoke
  •     The best e-cig in the market

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Electronic cigarettes is hitting the world like a storm. Now that you are equipped with the right information, you can choose the right vapor cigarettes for you.